The President of Union Officine Meccaniche Spa, Ferdinando Passoni, is pleased to announce to the market that he has completed the purchase of the majority control of the company Costruzioni Meccaniche Tecom srl of Olgiate Olona (, a company specialized since 1963 in the production of blown extrusion lines for films in polyolefins and compostable biopolymers from 1 to 3 layers, in the sector of bags for freezer / shoppers / garbage, agricultural films, film for shrink packaging and for palletizing, lines recognizable in the market thanks to the GoBio trademark.

The acquisition strengthens the position of the leader Union Officine Meccaniche Spa, which has always been interested in expanding its product portfolio and fields of application in the extrusion market by adding to the already known skills in the field of rigid (flat and hollow sheet) and foam (sheet, boards, pipes and profiles) now also those of the film for flexible packaging.

A special thanks goes to the reference management of the company, Mr. Massimo Gazzi and Andrea Colombo who over the decades with dedication and hard work have contributed first to the development and then to the consolidation of Tecom’s position in the market, and that with our great satisfaction will continue with us in the management of the company and in the development of new and important cutting-edge technologies.

Precisely this assumption of congenital propensity of the company for the development of new technologies has ignited the interest of Union which sees in Tecom’s technology an opportunity to be developed in other application sectors of rigid packaging in which Union’s competences represent that added value which is useful and necessary to the achievement of new solutions still unimaginable today.

The world of plastics, in fact, as we have known it until now, will probably undergo an epochal transformation which will force the whole chain, starting above all from large chemical groups, to introduce new generation products which meet the requirements of recyclability and dispersion in safety in the environment. For this reason we will all be called to create synergies between different and alternative excellences in order to create new technologies in step with the needs of a changing industry.

With this latest acquisition Ferdinando Passoni continues a path of growth which sees his group achieve this goal of synergistic aggregation of different knowledge and technologies, an indispensable condition to better face the current change.

A heartfelt thanks also goes to all those have contributed with their works and dedication to allow this goal which we share and dedicate to all the customers which, during our long history, have given us confidence, allowed us to grow and motivated to always offer something more.