Dear friends, today is an important date for our 70-year-old company.

It was in fact on 12.5.1950 when two long-time friends, who had first shared the adolescent period and then experienced the pain of the war, decided to build a new future based on the ideal of work and newfound freedom, thus giving birth to UNION OFFICINE MECCANICHE.

Since then, generations and new properties have passed but the original spirit of the founders that still distinguishes our “mission” founded on creating value through hard work has never changed. We don’t know different ways!

We would have preferred to have the opportunity to celebrate this important anniversary in different and better circumstances, perhaps together with all those that in these 70 years have contributed to the growth and development of our company but, in respect of the grief of all those who have lost a family member, friend or colleague these days, we feel to share with you all a heartfelt, even though virtual, big hug of gratitude, postponing any celebration to the next milestone of 80 years, waiting for you there!

Many thanks to you all

The President
Ferdinando Passoni