Complete extrusion lines

Established in 1950, UNION Officine Meccaniche s.p.a. is a solid and modern business reality today, leader in the extrusion field for rigid and foam plastic materials, specialized in the construction of complete high-tech extrusion lines and components for implementing existing systems.

UNION is one of the few plant producers that maintained a workshop in its structure with all mechanical processes, which allow the internal construction of the extrusion lines.

We produce a wide range of single and twin screw extruders beside complete extrusion lines for roll-stock sheets, flat sheets, rigid and foam profiles, hollow sheets at two and more walls, composite panels of plastic and metal, corrugated and greca sheets, strapping tapes, compound and advanced equipment for the production of foam sheets and boards.


Solid mechanical construction, flexibility, easy operation, quality control systems of extruded material and high performance characterize the entire production of UNION, which, in order to become increasingly competitive in the ever-evolving market of plastic materials extrusion, constantly updates its offers with the lines for countless application fields such as industry, construction, food packaging, medical-pharmaceutical, advertising and renewable energy. We are able to develop specific projects, providing maximum support in all phases of the process.

Our service consists of various activities that are integrated into a complete system which ranging from design and customization, continues with the construction and testing of the plant, up to after-sales and remote assistance via modem. The pre- and after-sales service has always characterized the UNION offer. These important activities are aimed at guaranteeing customers the highest product quality and the best assistance.

Choosing an extrusion line designed and engineered by UNION is synonymous of no-stop productivity and reliability besides a guarantee of worldwide post-sales technical assistance.