Another success in the field of rigid sheets has been achieved thanks to the sale of an extrusion line for the production of three-layers ABS and PMMA sheets, useful width 2400 mm, thickness from 1 to 12 mm and hourly output of 800 kg/h.

The upstream of the line consists of a single screw extruder of 130/38D with double venting, two co-extruders of 60/35D with one venting and their dosing devices.

The downstream of the line is equipped with a vertical calender, width 2600 mm, with a system for the quick change of the embossing rolls, halving the job change-over known until now.

The post-calendering cooling phase is completed by an innovative calibrator at variable geometry. Then, the sheet is conveyed to a guillotine cutting device with a semi-automatic stacking unit.