sheet PET

In the last few days, a complete co-extrusion line for the production of PET sheet has been tested at our headquarters in San Vittore Olona.
The line, which will be delivered to European market, is composed by the revolutionary and proven twin-screw ZP 112 / 52 D with 4 ventings and the solid single-screw TR 90 / 44 D in co-extrusion, able to produce multilayers sheet type A-B-A to be thermoformed in various food-grade trays.
It is designed to be fed with 100% PET bottle flakes post-consume without compromise the quality of sheets achieved, which result similar in transparency and brightness to the sheets made by virgin material.
The hourly output of 1700 kg, useful width of 1600 mm with sheet thickness adjustable from 130 to 1800 µ.