Stand FO (FOYER OST) / FO-60

From 17 to 21/10, the FAKUMA exhibition will take place where UNION’ will participate for the first time in its long history in order to give continuity and boost the promotion of its own lines for compound with which we get back after years of absence from this market.

FAKUMA is notoriously known as particularly focused on injection and compound technologies, so there could be no better opportunity to show our latest products in this field!
Our co and counter twin screw extruders at low and high speed provide a wide range of solutions suitable for mixing heterogeneous products and formulations in form and substance.

The event will be a great and pleasant chance to meet new customers with whom to share experiences and meet new challenges as we have been doing with courage and passion since 1950!

Coming to visit us at the stand FO (FOYER OST) / FO-60 means getting to know the latest innovations not only in the field of compound but also in the recycling, micro granulation and foil extrusion from post-consumer products such as R-PET but not only.

Come and see us …… we have a lot to share!