The growing availability of recycled material from post-consumer bottle flakes has led us, in recent years, to develop an innovative line able to transform post-consumer PET flakes into a high quality foam PET sheet.
Foam PET has excellent barrier properties, < 5 cc/m²/day/atm (without using EVOH), resistance to high temperatures, up to 190°C, and is completely recyclable as it is made from 100% r-PET, so it respects the environment and reduce the production costs.
The XPET sheet extrusion process includes also crystallization and dehumidification phase which allows to crystallize and dehumidify the material, so as not to lose viscosity during the extrusion phase.
For production up to 250 kg/h we use a slow co-rotating twin screw extruder, while for higher production, up to 600 kg/h, we use the Tandem system.
The circular extrusion die for the production of very low density foam PET (≈ 0,100-0,450 gr/ccm) is equipped with external adjustment of the lips opening, while the calibrator is composed of a cooling can for the inside of the sheet and a ring with fan for the outside of the sheet.