XPS boards

Union Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. consolidates its success in foam lines with the acquisition of a new order for a new factory in Europe for the production of XPS insulation boards capable of producing 350.000 m³ per year; excluding from the supply the buildings, water and electric connections with related government concessions.

This is a turn-key project, where all our technology is applied to each machine with the complex production plant including storage, suction and storage of scraps, dosing and distribution of solid and liquid raw materials as well as lines for XPS producing and waste recycling.

Our latest technological evolution for XPS production is equipped with the consolidated Tandem twin and single screw 350 mm which allows the production of XPS boards in compliance with the standards required by the UNI EN 13164 rules with the use of percentages of post-consumer EPS/PS waste never known before.

The new Union board lines, in fact, equipped with all the necessary options to be able to work in the most varied process and raw material conditions, perfectly interpret the characteristics of the modern plant where the possibility of doing research and production are not the only one in replacement of the other but one in symbiosis with the other.

The machinery quality, the brand reliability, the know-how and the competence of the service personnel, push us to renew more and more, and year after year Union continues to grow also in the foam sector, finding more and more success on the market!

Photo’s caption: Manuale ANIT, XPS – Polistirene Espanso Estruso, www.anit.it