In the coming months, a new high-capacity extrusion line for hollow polypropylene sheets will be under production for the Middle Eastern market. The line, with 3200 mm width and 180 mm extruder, will allow the stable processing of polymers also deriving directly from post-consumption.

The line will be equipped with the most advanced technological solutions, from the extruder to the flat die, to the calibrator at 3 pairs of plates with automatic positioning and water veil system and to the pressurized oven.

The search for innovations, both in terms of production costs savings and environmental protection, always come first for UNION. In practice, all systems processes are unified to decrease production costs and increase competitiveness with alternative materials.

UNION lines for hollow sheets have always been known for their ability to process various fluidity indexes without losing quality and production capacity, in addition to this, they have the ability to obtain flatness that traditional lines cannot access.

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