Pannello XPS

New tandem line UNION for the production of XPS panels sold to BEWISYNBRA group

The expansion of the Union tandem lines for the production of XPS panels for thermal-acoustic insulation in the construction sector goes on.

BEWiSynbra Insulation, another great European player of the sector, thanks to a good knowledge and experience with Union XPS line from the past, have signed another important contract for the supply of a tandem extrusion line (primary, twin-screw; secondary, single screw extruder).

The BewiSynbra Group, which has always been committed to environmental strategy and to the development of quality products, has paid great attention to the technology and flexibility of the extrusion line to meet its needs for the development of new steps and therefore has selected Union as supplier.

As a matter of fact, the latest Union XPS panel lines, equipped with all the necessary optional to operate in the most varied process and raw material conditions, perfectly represent the characteristics of the modern lines where the possibility of doing research is not in place of doing production but definitely one is in symbiosis with the other.

The supply also includes an equipment for the recycling and granulation of XPS-EPS-PS scraps either from the process and the post-consumer market. The line is capable of maintaining an high quality MFI which is a necessary condition to guarantee the final product in accordance with UNI EN 13164.

The new XPS Union lines are more and more achieving resounding success on the market!