HDPE monofilament line

From 5 to 9.02.18 at headquarters in San Vittore Olona (MI) we have under testing a line to produce HDPE monofilament for textile application in the agricultural sector. Filament diameter 0.23 mm (410 den). The line consists of feeding and dosing system for granules, single-screw extruder 90/30 D with a maximum capacity of 150 kg/h, [...]

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7-10 November in Mexico City Another great exibhition is coming next 7-10 November in Mexico City (PLASTIMAGEN) for which we want to inform and invite you to join! We are ready to live this event with great enthusiasm, happy to meet new customers who will propose new challenges to face and embrace old friends. The South American [...]

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Stand FO (FOYER OST) / FO-60 From 17 to 21/10, the FAKUMA exhibition will take place where UNION' will participate for the first time in its long history in order to give continuity and boost the promotion of its own lines for compound with which we get back after years of absence from this market. [...]

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UNION arrives in Australia and New Zealand

Continue the expansion UNION’s presence in the international markets to secure to its own customers the best possible commercial and technical support in real time. After India and Russia have been achieved another representitive agreement for Australia and New Zeland, with the company OBJECTIVE 3D with whom UNION is able to guarantee to its customers [...]

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Chinaplas 2017

CHINAPLAS exhibition has started today, where UNION is constantly present since its first edition. The event is a great and pleasant opportunity to meet the long-standing customers with whom to exchange technical and technological experiences regarding the common passion for plastics and to enrich mutual knowledge, without neglecting the importance of the social aspect which these [...]

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New agency agreement signed for the Russian market

Continue the expansion UNION’s presence in the international markets to secure to its own customers the best possible support in real time. After India have been signed another exclusive agency agreement for RUSSIA with the company JLM Ltd, a well known and long establhished agency based in Moscow with whom UNION is able to guarantee [...]

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PET-Technologies Open House

PET-Technologies Open House was opened yesterday, organized in cooperation between Union and Ettlinger at San Vittore Olona (MI) premises with new extrusion lines on exhibition, one of which is equipped with Ettlinger running filtration system. The event, which will end today, has the aim to present the most recent developments for the sheet extrusion with [...]

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