Open House compounding line

//Open House compounding line

Open House compounding line

From April 16th  to April 24th in San Vittore Olona –MI, Union will open its doors to customers and non, for the final testing stage of a complete compounding line.

The line is equipped by a feeding and gravimetric loss in weight dosing system at n.8 components, in which n. 2 for powders, n.1 for liquid and n.5 for trims and granules; a twin-screw extruder ZP92X series equipped with a twin-screw side feeder TW 65 series; an automatic screen changer and an inclined extrusion die, able to process “difficult” materials.

The downstream includes a pull off with thermally treated carbon steel cylinders and drying and stabilization systems
The line is fully automatic and controlled by a supervisory system for managing and recording all process parameters.

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