PET-Technologies Open House was opened yesterday, organized in cooperation between Union and Ettlinger at San Vittore Olona (MI) premises with new extrusion lines on exhibition, one of which is equipped with Ettlinger running filtration system.

The event, which will end today, has the aim to present the most recent developments for the sheet extrusion with the technology for processing PET without drying able to meet the most exigent requirements of the packaging market.

The running line, consisting of a revolutionary twin-screw extruder ZP 112 / 52 D at 4 ventings and a single-screw TR 90 / 44 D at 2 ventings in co-extrusion, fed with 100% recycled material derived from post-consumption and industrial wastes, able to produce a 3-layers sheet in R-PET for thermoforming with a useful width of 1650 mm and the thickness variable from 0.15 to 1.4 mm depending on the application. The line reaches an hourly output of 1700 kg.
The extruded material keeps a high intrinsic viscosity and a transparency close to the glass.
The second novelty, equally important, is the completion of the extrusion phase with an automatic continuous screen changer ECO model of Ettlinger which allows the extrusion continuity without the interruption of the material flow to the extrusion die.
Finally, the calender of new construction which allows also the lamination with a barrier film in an extreme easy way.

During the event, the participants have the opportunity to appreciate other lines in assembly and ready for testing, including:
– PS-FOAM sheet line with a useful width of 2600 mm for the production of rigid-foam packaging
– R-PET 3-layers sheet line with optimized productivity of 1500 kg/h, consisting of a twin-screw extruder ZP 112 / 52 D at 4 ventings and a single-screw TR 75 / 44 D at 2 ventings, characterized by the calender, produced by Union from 1989 for PET, which has as its main characteristic the 45° configuration.