Lastre alveolari in PC, PMMA e PET

At the beginning of 80s, with the production of polycarbonate on a large scale, the first UNION line for PC hollow sheets was born. In 1985 our company makes the first undulated thermo-wave hollow line, an absolute novelty in the roofing field. In 1988 UNION manufactures the first co-extrusion line with UV stabilized polycarbonate. Nowadays UNION machines for polycarbonate are working all over the world utilizing every type of PC and making sheets of excellent quality. In 2000 UNION introduced in the market also PET hollow sheets.
UNION machines, besides the high reliability and the low operating costs, guarantee the highest shock resistance of the extruded product, with parity of raw material, due to the high thermic stability.
All this is possible thanks to our long experience in planning extruders for polycarbonate, perfectly joining mechanic, electronic and technologic elements and reducing to a minimum the operative tasks. The PC, PMMA and PET line produces hollow sheets with weights/m² from 800 to 4000 gr., sheet width from 1200 to 3000 mm. with co-extrusion for UV.

Technical Data Sheet