Lastre alveolari in EPP e HDPE

The EPP and HDPE line produces hollow sheets with weight/m² from 200 to 2500 gr., sheet width from 1200 to 3500 micron and co-extrusion on the external surfaces. It is employed for special applications (see packaging of electronic components and special surfaces suitable for printing(super smooth)). We have realized also lines with inclinated, crossed, vertical and crossed triple wall hollow section.
UNION machines utilize materials with a MFI from 0.3 to 4 kg/dm³ without limiting the efficiency. The constant research of top components and the development of the technology of the hollow sheet, have allowed us to produce HDPE sheets with internal surfaces perfectly similar to the copolymer polypropylene product.
UNION is incessantly planning, constructing, verifying, seeking new alternatives to improve the quality and in particular the line capacity. Every component is meticulously realized and tested to meet the customer’s requirements.

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