Linea riciclaggio

According to customer’s needs, UNION produces extruders with a screw diameter between 60 to 300 mm and a length of 48 D.
The company designs and manufactures complete recycling lines, which include:
– shredders and granulators with feeding area large enough to insert panels up to 1200 mm width or trim coils up to 2000 mm diameter;
– an efficient degassing system in the extruder to extract from the material the residual gases and humidity;
– a very accurate filtration system by a manual or an automatic screen changer to filter all material impurities;
– an efficient pelletizing system with a perfect cut producing no fines, where the pellets are cut in air suspension but immediately dipped into the water chamber which cools the pellets and transports them to the centrifugal dryer;
– an efficient pellet drying system which allows the transport of pellets directly to the silos of the production lines.

Technical Data Sheet