Union Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. is increasingly present in the American market with the sale of two new complete extrusion lines for the production of PP hollow sheets.

UNION lines for hollow sheets have always been known for their ability to process various fluidity indexes without losing quality and production capacity, in addition to this, they have the ability to obtain flatness that traditional lines cannot access.

The lines are equipped with the most advanced technological solutions, from the extruder to the flat die, to the calibrator with 3 pairs of calibrating plates, to the annealing oven, and to all those devices suitable for using post-consumer recycled plastics, while guaranteeing equal quality obtained from new plastics.

The PP hollow sheets produced can be used in different fields of application, from construction to packaging and advertising boards where exceptional surface flatness is required.

It is clear that a growing number of customers, who chosen us for their standard extrusion needs in recent years, rely on us even for their most complex needs. This reaffirms that in UNION Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. tradition and dedication to the pursuit of excellence and innovation move along parallel lines.