Two Stars which reward our company and our customers and suppliers:

The AGCM (the Italian Competition and Market Authority) recognized UNION Officine Meccaniche s.p.a. with the Legality Rating, assigning 2 Stars.

This assessment further distinguishes our company from its competitors and strengthens its role as a qualified partner for companies which aim to concretely combine business and ethics.

The two Stars are index of transparency, legality, administrative and fiscal correctness, qualities which reassure our Customers and Suppliers in terms of Joint Liability (a law which has been regulated the increasingly stringent mutual obligations of Suppliers and Customers since 2003).

The two Stars are yet another recognition which consolidates Union's goal of maintaining a high level of leadership achieved.

The two Stars are a guarantee for access to bank credit, for relations with the public administration and attribute a greater degree of reliability based on the provisions of the new Procurement Code.

The achievement of the two Stars legality rating confirms the commitment of Union in pursuing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, i.e. operating in compliance with the highest standards of quality and efficiency in terms of social and, above all, environmental impact.

Thus continues our path towards the highest levels of quality and innovation which have already led UNION to be included among the 100 Italian excellences: the first and only company in the sector.