Over 25 years ago, Union Officine Meccaniche developed together with one of its historic customers an innovative system for recovering EPS waste, for reconversion into microspheres.

The EPS waste, shredded with special shredder, was first extruded to make PS granules and then through a further twin screw extruder, adding gas (5% pentane), a microgranule that was easy to expand was obtained.

The microgranule can be transported easily and can also be coloured.

It is 100% recycled and can be expanded like virgin foam to produce new packaging or lightening or insulation products in construction; its applications are countless in many industries.

A second life was given to waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill or not been valorised.

Union embarked on this path a quarter of a century ago, demonstrating once again that it is ahead of its time, ahead of its technology and above all that it anticipates the needs of sustainability.

Union has a strong industrial power in the extrusion sector. Top performances, global references, long-term efficiency and top OEE, minimum energy consumption, innovative “ZERO PROBLEM” after-sales customer care service remotely and nearby, advanced digital interface with companies’ ERP and MES and a dynamism combined with the unique expertise of the team in direct contact with customers distinguish the strength of the brand synonymous with innovation and the future.