Another great hit for UNION in the foam sheet field achieved with the sale of the extrusion line for the production of XPET sheet.

The line will consist of two Tandem extruders, which guarantee high productions with densities up to 80 kg/m³. UNION’s Tandem solution facilitates the achievement of the extrusion quality in particularly short times, even for a critical material such as PET where temperatures reach even 280°C.

The rheological study of the product has allowed us to produce a circular die with which, although varying the thickness and density, it is not necessary to change the die’s male.

A new extruder cooling system keeps the temperatures at the set value, which is very important when using expanding gases to achieve a perfect cell formation. A very important detail is also a cooling calibrator with a particular surface, studied by UNION, that avoids any friction and makes the sheet surface of appearance and brilliance at the top of all foam extruded products.

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